Thursday, April 10, 2014

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

There are certain days in the year that are obviously gift-giving occasions, such as Christmas, Mothers day and Birthday. Nevertheless, when it comes to wedding anniversaries, several couples are not sure about whether or not to get something, and about what kind of gift is suitable if they do buy something for special one. Anniversary is the most important day in everyone’s life. Whether it is your first anniversary or 30th anniversary, but that day is incredibly special for us. The 1st year Anniversary has been just the right time to celebrate your new love together. You can as well reflect on your relationship and imagine, or take a moment thinking about the hope. To choose an Anniversary gift for him is very mystifying and we try to help you out to solve that mystification here. Here we have a discussion about anniversary gift ideas for him so as him it can be your boyfriend, can be your husband.
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

This is a huge milestone for  both  of you and giving him an unique gift on your anniversary is not that big thing to thank him for taking care and loving you all the way through those loving years together. Make him feel valued and loved.
That is just why I created this post! Here are some thoughtful anniversary gifts for him I put together so you wouldn't have to look for them, or inferior, come up with something on your own.

1) Balloon Memories        

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
How pretty is this idea? Just take hold of some helium balloons and attach a photo and/or message to the strip or ribbon and you have so many of momentous presents for him to "open". He'll right away see the thought that went into putting this together.
Instructions and Variations
  • Put each one in an envelope so he has to actually open something amazing to read the message or see the snap. This also prevents you from having to hit a hole in the note or photo.
  • Have a photo album or scrapbook ready so you can place them together in a book that he can look at again later.

You can buy anniversary balloons from giftblooms or from any online store. There are also available Mylar balloons, helium balloons and many more.

2) Scratch-Off Cards

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
You've most likely heard of the coupon idea before where you create a book of coupons that your dear one can redeem at any time. This is such an enormous variety of that idea and makes it extra cool and fun for you both.
Tips and Variations-
  • You can actually get creative here and present each card a theme such as weekend trip, date night, and errands. On each card you would include 4 weekend trip destinations, 4 different date night ideas, and 4 different errands to do for him. Whichever one he scratches off is the one he gets.
  • Make this a game. You can moreover create a game card such as tic-tac-toe where he scratches off the promising award and if he gets three in a row when he scratches off the game board, he wins the award. This will give you a little more control over what he gets and makes it more fascinating. Just make sure that he wins at least one award!

3) Chocolate Indulgence Tour

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
The Chocolate Indulgence Tour is a two hour walking tour that is sugared a lot of the variety of cupcakes and chocolate brownies, decadent chocolate truffles and caramels, Tom Douglas famous coconut cream pie, cheesecake from the convectional, gourmet popcorn, Colombian drinking chocolate, chocolate truffle cookies and chocolate cocktails. If your loved one is a chocolate lover, these are two hours on cloud nine that won't be forgotten for many years to come.

4) Watches are forever

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
Since clocks are a current way to express your determination to spend a lot of time together, Watches are an outstanding way to express this feeling. Watches are prepared to last a lifetime and so is your love for each other. Selecting one out can be very tough. It's one of the only some pieces of jewelry that men can get away with though.

Since, it's the only thing he is going to wear. Choose one that suits his style but that is also an attraction. No need for delicacy with means watches. Unless that's his style of course. In that case you can pick a comfortable and exceptional, but more toned down piece.

5) Wine

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
Best gift for anniversary is wine, if your husband or lover loves wine than you can send or deliver flavored wine with your love and can serve up with your true feelings for him. Take foodstuff with wine and give him marvelous wine gifts. Obviously you get the experience about the taste of  great wines but you also learn a lot about wine and about your local area. A lovable but much laid back outing that can be a great way to spend your anniversary.

6) Spa Day for Two

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
There is no more relaxing way of spending the day of your anniversary on a Spa Day for you both. It leaves you both with a lot of flexibility how to pursue this day. The ultimate way to spend a day away from the frantic of your normal crazy lives and spend some excellent time together while finally in fact being away from real life sorrows.

7) Alphabet Love Book

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
This alphabet book uses each letter of the alphabet to display 26 good wishes, things you love about him, and/or reasons you're thankful for him. The possibilities are everlasting and what I like about this idea is that having to come up with something amazing for each letter shows how much thought you put into this gift. 
Few Tips and Variations
  • Substitute what you keen on about him for 26 things you want to do together or places you want to trip.
  • Instead of using the alphabet, create a calendar so he can read out a reason you love him each day. You might have to come up with so many reasons, but you can make them straightforward and you won't be limited by a letter of the alphabet.
This is a list of seven of the best new anniversary gift ideas for him. A modern way to celebrate is by stepping a little bit away from the paper gift or increasing the paper theme to a wide range of gifts. Apart from this idea, my personal favorite is maybe the boudoir photo shoot. A wonderful anniversary gift for him, but a clock is also a very modern take on the anniversary. Nothing says I love you forever, then a vintage wall clock or even a specially selected watch that suits your dear one's personality.